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Year to date as of: November 14, 2018
Laura Adkins
Jennifer Alkema
Joseph Appelt
Lester Arguelles
Howard Aronson
Samantha Attaguile
Robert Bailey
Lois Barliant
Sheetal Bhagat Heinert
John Bierbusse
Murray Biggs
Cody Bradley
Julia Hardin and Ryan Butts
Oliver Camacho
William Cederquist
George Cederquist
Jack Cederquist and
Meg Kennedy Shaw
David Chinitz
Linden Christ
Douglas Clayton
Darwin Corrin
Julie De Grandpre
Robert Delonis
Gabriel Di Gennaro
Bernadette DiCarlo
Quentin Dietz
Toni Dorfman
Barbara and John Eckel
Peter Elliott
John Empfield
BJ and Kirsty Engelhardt
Stephen Feerick
Thomas Feerick
Greta Ferkel
Joseph Fraczek
Paul and Kristi French
Toni Dorfman and John Gaddis
Matthew Godfrey
Lucas Goldbach
Cody Gough
Alexander Han
Walter Hansen
Kurt Hansen
Chris and Amy Hardin
Richard and Virginia Hardin
Paul and Diane Herman
Levi Hernandez
Rick Hoffenberg
Amy Hutchison
Maximiliano Illanes
Sue Irion
Katherine Jennings
Yvonne Lam
Victor LeJeune
Jeffrey Steven Levine
Joanna and Howard Maclay
Carol Manilla
Elizabeth Manning
James Mattke
Missy Mazzoli
Jared McCarty
Michael McElvain
Shannon McGinnis
Patricia McMillen
Matthew Medearis
Nicole Meunier
Newell Miller
Ashley Miller
Pat and Ken Naparsteck
Timothy O'Connell
William and Carla O'Shaughnessy
Cathy O'Shaughnessy
Donna Olendorf
Sally Olson
Julia Passamani
Jose Patlan
Thomas Payne
Nicholas Photinos
Erin Prock
Dan Rose
Jeremy Rosenberg
Wendy and Fred Salter
Jennifer Schuler
Bradley Schuller
Susan Shapiro
Bridget Skaggs
Laura Smalley
Glenn Smith
Thomas Hazinski and Barbara Smith
Brian Solem
Chris Thoren
Jennifer Tobin and Mark Woodford
Antonie and Elizabeth van den Bogert
Camille Vozar
Christopher Walker
Mark, Joan and Stephen Walker
Eric Wallbruch
Kathryn Walsh
Karianne Wardell
Amy Weatherford
Isabella Weber
Frank Weber
Mark Wilder
Callie and Gerald Wohletz
Jonathan Zeng