A City of Works – an oblique reference to former Mayor Richard J. Daley’s moniker for Chicago – combines the power of music and design in a series of site-specific digital experiences. Evoking the ethereal nature of theatre itself, audiences embark on individual journeys to landmarks throughout our city, unlocking audio and video content, and joining a collective experience to watch performances through individual personal devices.

Arriving at specific locations, audiences scan a QR code on their smartphone to access a music video of a given newly-commissioned work, the piece having been filmed at that locale, creating a fleeting yet shared theatrical experience.  The project eliminates the need for the gathering of groups of people while leaving content both free of charge and accessible at any time to audiences.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.



Thomas Aláan


Dee Alexander


Eunice Ayodele


Renee Baker


Seth Boustead


Allison Chambers

Composer, Librettist

Grace Coberly


Coco Eltsses


Anna B. Gatdula


Tomás Gueglio

Composer, Librettist, Performer

K. F. Jacques


Heidi Joosten


Chungers Kim


Lia Kohl


Keanon Kyles


Luv Mosley

Composer, Librettist

Michael R. Oldham

Librettist, Performer

Darius Rashad Parker


Matthew Recio


Bruno Rivera


Elizabeth Rudolph


David Sands


Alex Salas


Bridget Skaggs


Emma Sorenson


Laura Stratford


Jonathan Zeng

Artistic Team

Artistic Director
Music Director
Production Design


Episode 1

Corsair: The Bay

K.F. Jacques (composer, librettist, performer)

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Episode 2

Touch The Water

Matthew Recio (composer)
Anna Gatdula (librettist)
Keanon Kyles (voice, bass-baritone)
David Sands (cello)

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Episode 3

Edgewater Eau-de

Heidi Joosten (composer)
Laura Stratford (librettist)
Emma Sorenson (voice, mezzo-soprano)
Chungers Kim (piano)

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Episode 4

Lincoln Square

Elizabeth Rudolph (composer)
Laura Stratford (librettist)
Alex Salas (voice, mezzo-soprano)
Allison Chambers (cello)

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Episode 5

Our Mother

Grace Coberly (composer, librettist)
Eunice Ayodele (voice, mezzo)
Bridget Skaggs (voice, mezzo)

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Episode 6

Wicker Park - In Caricature

Michael R. Oldham (composer, librettist)
Jonathan Zeng (voice, tenor)
Allie Chambers (cello)

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Episode 7

Chicago-Home Sounds Like

Seth Boustead (composer)
Darius Rashad Parker (performer, librettist)
Lia Kohl (cello)

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Episode 8

Sweet Fruit Falling

A spatial oratorio from the opera Baldwin Chronicles: LONE ALCHEMY

Renee Baker (composer)
Dee Alexander (performer)
Coco Eltsses, percussion
Luv Mosley, saxophone

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Episode 9

The song of the blue heron

Tomás Gueglio (composer)
Thomas Aláan (countertenor)
Bruno Rivera (countertenor)

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Episode 1: Corsair: The Bay

The Silver Room, East 53rd Street, Chicago, IL, USA

Episode 2: Touch the Water

Promontory Point, South Shore Drive, Chicago, IL, USA

Episode 3: Edgewater Eau-de

Edgewater Branch, Chicago Public Library, North Broadway, Chicago, IL, USA

Episode 4: Lincoln Square

Merz Apothecary, North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Episode 5: Our Mother

Lake Shore Park Playground, North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL, USA

Episode 6: Wicker Park, In Caricature

Dove's Luncheonette, North Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Episode 7: Chicago-Home Sounds Like

1106 West Wilson Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Episode 8: Sweet Fruit Falling

Phantom Gallery Chicago, East 47th Street, Chicago, IL, USA

Episode 9: The song of the blue heron

Nichols (John Fountain) Park, East 53rd Street, Chicago, IL, USA

Supported by The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation & The CityArts Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.